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The silicone that we use is very pure and long-lasting, and our silicone-molded parts are employed in applications that are especially delicate like in the health, medical, food, and other industries.


Custom Silicone Solution for Your Products

For more than two decades, Haotian has constructed an effective manufacturing system designed for mass production of silicone items. Our facility is composed of a 3000 sqm production workshop that hosts 5 large assembly lines with the capability of creating 1 million components daily and a total capacity of 200 000 completed products in one day.

Precision Silicone Product Manufacturing


Material Formula Test Lab

Haotian boasts its own material formulation testing laboratory, which is equipped with advanced instruments for measuring and producing accurate DFM+CPK reports. Other tests that can be conducted in the lab are assessments of polymer substances, vinyl and phenyl content, elemental analysis, and tests using a rubber processing analyzer. Consequently, the appropriate proportions of silicone, rubber, and other components can be confirmed for a specific kind of product.

Mold Workshop


Mold Workshop

Our facility houses over 1400 different molds, and we also offer personalized mold-making services. We will work with you to come up with the design you envision, and then develop 3D CAD files to represent it. Making use of our cutting-edge CNC and EDM machinery, we can bring your design to life in the form of a custom mold.


Mass Production

The Haotian factory is equipped with 10 distinct lines for injecting silicone rubber into a mold with the use of high heat and pressure. This method of molding offers a high degree of accuracy, uniformity, and intricate design. However, it is more suitable for large-scale production as the cost of buying and maintaining the equipment is significant.

Injection Molding
silicone products Cleaning & Packaging


Cleaning & Packaging

We have established relationships with suppliers of packing materials. We can help you find the perfect packing option that fits your budget, product type, and type of cargo. Prior to packing for shipment, we will make sure to clean the silicone rubber products so that we can send you the items in optimal condition.


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Strict Quality & Control Process


Custom Silicone Parts for Any Industry

Baby Care

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Pet Care


Feedback from clients concerning Haotian's products and services.

Laura Brian
Laura Brian
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Haotian made me feel safe throughout the buying process. Their salesman is very professional. I showed my friends their beautiful silicone folding water cups. My friend said that these bowls are made entirely of high quality products. At the same time, I am very satisfied with their service, once I chatted that I like to travel, they actually gave me a cosmetic silicone storage box!
Nk Neal Mill
Nk Neal Mill
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I have never sourced my silicone products from suppliers other than Haotian because it is the only brand factory I trust in China, and my colleagues personally visited their factory and were impressed with their advanced equipment. Even if each product is a few cents, I am willing to buy from their company, not to mention that in most cases, the quality of Haotian's products is better than other factories. One more thing, my consumers are not resistant to beautiful silicone products, so I had high hopes for the design ability of wholesalers, but Haotian never let me down.
Shannon Geiger
Shannon Geiger
New Zealand
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Sourcing silicone products from abroad can be frustrating at times. I previously sourced silicone products from a factory in Indonesia and the price was really low. Even so, their staff's English communication and business skills are not very good, and once the shipment was delayed due to customs clearance issues, I only found out after half a month. Using Haotian is much less hassle. Their salespeople say their eco-friendly products are lab-certified, and they're convinced. Also, they were really professional, all I had to do was sit in the office and wait for the delivery.

One-Stop Silicone Product Solution

Haotian is with you every step of the way when it comes to your silicone supply, from bringing your concept to fruition to sending out your cleaned and packaged goods. Our facility is equipped with 8 assembly lines that are 40 meters long and strict 5S management and quality control protocols are enforced on-site.

Haotian has been on the B2B market for the past 20 years. We have strong finances, potential, professional equipment, and excellent quality control. Servicing a wide range of industries, we ship mass-produced silicone parts all over the world.




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