We are able to provide personalized packaging options, including paper boxes, blister packs, and opp bags. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 500 pieces. If you could, please let me know what type of packaging you’re looking for.

This opp bag can be broken down into natural elements and is friendly to the environment.

We have the option to either directly print the UPC/barcode onto the packaging box or print it on a label and attach it to the box.


We are able to provide any color you desire, simply let us know the Pantone number and we’ll stick to that color. Our current range of colors available include yellow, green and black.

Let us know what your specific requirements are.

We can definitely adapt the colors from your other products, so please either send us a few examples or provide us with the Pantone number for color accuracy.

We are certain that we can duplicate your example to acquire the 3D document and then produce the mold and provide you with samples for evaluation.


Our business has its own subsidiary manufacturing plant, and we are open to both OEM and ODM orders.

The monthly production capability of the items varies from 50w to 100w.

We had a factory inspection that was based on two topics: social responsibility and the quality system, but the assessment results are past due. We’d be pleased to have you or your chosen third party come to our facility for an inspection. We have both a BSCI and an ISO certification.


Making payments for online trade assurance orders can be done using PayPal, TT, or Western Union. Thirty percent of the total cost needs to be paid upon confirmation of the order, while the remaining seventy percent must be settled prior to shipment.

We are happy to enter into a non-disclosure agreement with you to ensure your information is kept secure. Furthermore, we will keep all your samples and associated designs in a secure area.

We will certainly provide you with the product after the manufacturing process is complete. Alternatively, we can also send you one set of the product and you can take the pictures yourself.

We would be delighted to create a design for you. Our proficient designer will work according to your concept to come up with a design that you will be pleased with. Therefore, please share your concept with us so that we can work on it together. We are confident that the outcome of our collaboration will be stunning.

If you make a repeat order, the production timeline will be shorter since we can forego the setup time for printing (2-3 days). The unit price will remain the same, however, if there is a decrease in the raw material cost, we will inform you and make the necessary adjustments. You don’t need to pay for the printing net fee again in case of a repeat order.

We have extensive experience in shipping goods to Amazon warehouses daily. We are very knowledgeable in Amazon warehouse product codes and labeling regulations. Furthermore, we can provide you with DDP service to avoid any customs clearance and import taxes.

Certainly! Are you interested in silk printing, embossing/debossing, or laser logo? Let us know which option you prefer, and feel free to share your logo file. Additionally, we would be more than happy to provide you with our knowledge and expertise gathered from our long-term production experience.

Sure thing! We can provide gratis samples, if we have them in stock, however the buyer will need to cover shipping and taxes. For custom designs, there will be a minimal fee, but it is refundable when the order reaches a specific amount.

Why, yes! We’ll craft the mold for you and you can use it as many times as necessary without incurring any additional costs, as long as you stick with the same design. We also take care of the mold maintenance on our end. Isn’t that great?

We have a four-step process! First, IQC checks the raw material quality, and only raw materials that pass this inspection can be stored in the warehouse. Online production QC is carried out simultaneously with production by the department. The final inspection QC inspects the products based on the International quality inspection standard 2.5/4.0. Additionally, our salesperson randomly inspects the production. If all four steps are passed, the goods can be released. Our aim is to make top-notch products and to have a long-term, successful relationship with our customers – that’s our goal, and we take it seriously… but we still like to have some fun!

After-Sale Services

Is remuneration required for the mold cost in the case of future damage?

The mold is yours since you have already paid for it, so you can reclaim it if you decide to discontinue the product.

We will be sure to conduct regular maintenance and repair of the mold, so you don’t have to worry about having to redo or repair it, and you only need to pay for it once – no need for any additional payments.

Absolutely, we are able to transport items to your other vendor in China and can provide them with customs clearance papers, rest assured we can manage this procedure.

Absolutely, we can manage the DDP and DAP service. If you could provide me with your delivery destination, I can look into the cost of DDP and DAP for you.

Anything from PDFs to Core Draw and AI as long as the file is a vector image.

Upon submitting your order, we will have qualified personnel who will be following up and keeping you apprised of the progress until you receive it. Every phase of the production, as well as the final product, is monitored and examined by our Quality Control team before it is shipped.

Silicone is odourless and harmless, and must successfully pass a series of tests, such as performance and health safety, before leaving the factory. Once it meets the necessary criteria, it can then be shipped.

The caliber of silicone items is greatly influenced by the quality of the molds; excellent molds demand premium steel. For large-scale production of goods, we mostly use P20 steel for molds, and 718S steel is applied for more accurate silicone components. At the present, P20 steel accounts for over 90% of our production, which is highly esteemed for its cost-effectiveness and quality.

Absolutely, we can enter into a non-disclosure agreement and guarantee the security of your design. If you possess an NDA of your own, kindly forward it to us, and I will sign it for you. If you don’t have one, we have included our version of the NDA, which we have already signed. You can fill in your business information and sign it, and this NDA will be in effect right away.

One-Stop Silicone Product Solution

Haotian is with you every step of the way when it comes to your silicone supply, from bringing your concept to fruition to sending out your cleaned and packaged goods. Our facility is equipped with 8 assembly lines that are 40 meters long and strict 5S management and quality control protocols are enforced on-site.